Let us answer your questions


Do you have an outlet or place I can come view the bike?

A demo model can be viewed in Muizenberg (get in contract), we keep stock levels low to keep overheads low, overheads go up and so does the cost, cost to you, the consumer.
Here are some independent reviews of the older model (without the shock absorber and half the range):

Why are your prices so competitive?

We are focusing on keeping overheads down, by ordering in bulk directly from China, it means it can take a bit longer, but the savings are past on to you. We limit our stock to filter for quality.

Do I need a licence to ride one?

As the DYU2 is restricted to a top speed of 25km/hr, under current legislation it is considered a bicycle. It is the riders responsibility to be aware of and obey the rules of the road. Please always wear a suitable helmet.

What if I am not happy with the purchase? - Returns policy.

Feel free to return it, undamaged in the first month and we will refund your purchase, less 10%. In fact, return it undamaged (some wear and tear is okay) anytime in the first 10 months and simply take off 10% for each month you have it.

This promise is made in good faith and at our sole discretion.

Can I rent it out?

We like the entrepreneurial thinking and would depend on a lot of factors, but could be a great revenue stream. At R200-R500 a day, it would be cheaper than an Uber and you could be cash flow positive within a few months.

Otherwise check out our Go Electric Rentals option.